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Hispanics comprise one of America's largest business-minded, faith-based, culturally-conservative entities-and their numbers continue to grow. Long assumed to be aligned with the Democrats, Hispanics have been ignored by many Republicans. Noted Hispanic marketing expert and political commentator Leslie Sanchez passionately argues that Hispanics, after years of watching Democrats fail them, need to shift their bets to Los Republicanos or risk gambling away their political future. Beyond being the likely deciding factor in the 2008 elections, Hispanics are poised to be the next great political force in America.

In her book, Leslie debunks the cultural and political myths about Hispanics and Republicans alike. She documents the history of Republican appeals to Hispanics starting with Nixon's Hispanic Strategy in the 1970s to George W. Bush's campaigns for president. She also offers a look at today's changing Hispanic mindset and the new dynamic forces on the rise.

Leslie reveals:

  • That Hispanics are the next big swing vote-and why the Democrats don't believe it.

  • Why Republicans' intolerance on immigration could wreck the party's governing majority.

  • How Hispanics are "wired differently": corporate America gets it and political campaigns need to follow.

  • Why Spanish media in the U.S. promotes American liberals, not Hispanic values.

  • From Cesar Chavez to Carlos Mencia-the impact on business and politics of young, upwardly mobile Hispanics.

  • How the evangelism of Hispanics, both Catholic and Protestant, will shift the Latino political center of gravity.

Table of Contents
One: Someone Like Me
Two: A Changing America
Three: The Latino Moment
Four: The Emerging Latino Republican Majority
Five: Disconnect
Six: Our Solutions Work
Seven: The Whining City on the Hill
Eight: The Credit Card
Nine: Dis-Inviting the Familia
Ten: "Reaganismo"

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