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"Radicals Kill Immigration Reform"
By Raoul Lowery Contreras

Many self-congratulating conservatives feel they brought down the compromise Immigration Reform bill in the United States Senate. They are wrong.

John Tanton's NumbersUSA and its parent group, Federation of American for Immigration Reform (FAIR) and various Minutemen groups also claim victory. They are joined by Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs and local talk show hosts who normally are more ridiculed than not. These people are also wrong.

Important to the defeat were some Hispanics, some Hispanic groups and the Congressional Democratic Party leadership. Congress could not have ignored a united Hispanic front. The bill might have passed if a Democratic conspiracy didn't exist to defeat Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Evidence of this has surfaced in recent days.

Rahm Emmanual, Democratic congressman, a top aide to speaker Nancy Pelosi, informed anyone listening that Comprehensive Immigration Reform will not be considered by Democrats until after a Democrat is reelected for a second Presidential term... Say about the year 2013.

A prominent San Diego Hispanic activist (Democrat) told me he didn't support the bill. On the same day I read a Hispanic Link column by a rabid leftwing Hispanic (Democrat) who also opposed the bill. During the debate, Hispanics associated with the AFL/CIO (Democrat) contra-immigration forces did not go unnoticed as well.

In fact, there were numerous Hispanic groups that opposed the Reform bill for numerous reasons. In the Hispanic Link we found arguments that human rights -- as defined by the United Nations --weren't being observed by the bill; we also heard about families not being respected. Then there were protests about the "guest worker" provisions of the bill. "Slavery" they called it. They even object to the legal term "illegal alien." AFL/CIO unionists bemoaned wage rates of high school dropout workers who hardly register more than 5% of the work force.

Democratic Hispanic opposition to the bill was characterized by an all or nothing mentality of Hispanic radicals. Yes, they are happy to have nothing. How else can they claim victim hood if they have something?

Did anyone notice that the key senators pushing hard for the bill were Republicans Kyl, Spector, Martinez and McCain.

Thanks to Democrat Hispanic opponents of the best hope to begin to solve the illegal alien (pardon me, immigrant) problem, the Arizona desert will continue to be littered with bodies of unlucky men, women and children who die trying to come to America.

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