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I have invited Several top leaders to post their opinions about issue related to topics found in Los Republicanos, hear are there thoughts.


Javier Ortiz: American, by the grace of God

We have all been there. We meet someone new at work, at a restaurant, or just out at the park. We want to know all about them, where they grew up, what college they graduated from, are they married, do they have any kids. Where do they work, do they play golf, ski, or scuba dive? Are they liberal, maybe...

Ortiz is a business and political strategy consultant and is a former senior executive at a global software company.

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Raoul Lowery Contreras: Radicals Kill Immigration Reform

Many self-congratulating conservatives feel they brought down the compromise Immigration Reform bill in the United States Senate. They are wrong.

John Tanton's NumbersUSA and its parent group, Federation of American for Immigration Reform (FAIR) and various Minutemen groups also claim victory. They are joined by Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs and local talk show hosts who normally are more ridiculed than not. These people are also wrong.

Raul Lowery Contreras is a regularly featured columnist at CalNews.com.

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